Roswell police officers exonerated in shooting

May 8, 2014 • Local News

Mayor Dennis Kintigh, from left, Police Chief Phillip Smith and District Attorney Janetta B. Hicks discuss the exoneration of two Roswell Police Department officers after a jury concluded that the officers had not violated the rights of Rudy Lucero through the use of excessive force in 2009 when Lucero was killed in a shootout with police. (Randal Seyler Photo)


Mayor Dennis Kintigh announced that a jury in a federal civil rights case exonerated two Roswell Police officers on Wednesday.

The lawsuit stemmed from the Sept. 23, 2009, gunfight in which Rudy “Vato” Lucero was killed by Roswell Police officers.

“Family members of Lucero initiated a federal civil rights lawsuit against the city of Roswell and the RPD officers,” the mayor said. “Claims of racial profiling and use of excessive force were pursued by two highly regarded trial Login to read more

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