Pearce meets with local leaders

April 29, 2014 • Local News

Congressman Steve Pearce met Tuesday with a delegation of local business people and leaders from Chaves and Eddy counties, Roswell and Artesia. Pearce had the opportunity to hear the group’s concerns about the recent U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s [auth] decision to list the lesser prairie chicken, federal funding for local governments, and impacts of federal regulations on local jobs. “Some commissioners expressed concerns over the flood of regulations heading in their direction, all of which are going to remove jobs and potentially harm the oil and gas industry,” Pearce said. “Local leaders and local citizens need to speak out against a government that has become too strong, too intrusive, and threatens our livelihoods, with no significant gains for the environment, and no significant gains in species development. This is the message I basically heard, and one that I am willing to stand with the local citizens on.” (Courtesy Photo)

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  1. Stephanie says:

    Is that all the meeting was about? Waste of taxpayer dollars.

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