Police investigate shooting, homicide

April 25, 2014 • Local News

Authorities investigate a shooting that occurred at an Allsup’s convenience store in south Roswell, Thursday afternoon. (Lawrence Foster Photo)

An unidentified man is dead after police officers responded to a report of a shooting in south Roswell on Thursday afternoon.

Police were dispatched to the 5800 block of South [auth] Main Street in reference to a shooting, where they found one unidentified male who was deceased, according to a news release.

There is a suspect in the shooting, said Sabrina Morales, public information liaison for the Roswell Police Department, but no one had been identified or charged in the shooting as of Thursday evening.

“There were a lot of people out there, and there are a lot of people to interview,” Morales said. “This happened right out there in the middle of the day.” Police say the shooting happened at about 2:20 in the afternoon.

Detectives from the Roswell Police Department are investigating the shooting as a homicide.

North and southbound lanes on South Main Street were blocked to traffic.

If anyone has information pertaining to this case, please contact the police department at 624-6770 or Crime Stoppers 1-888-594-8477 immediately.

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