Board approves grant application request for Tobosa

April 18, 2014 • Local News

Chaves County Commissioners approved Tobosa Development Center’s request to submit through the county an application for a Community Development Block Grant.

The approval was a first step in a long process for the center to seek $500,000 in an effort to exp[auth] and its building on North Richardson Street and hire personnel.

“The needs we are presenting today are critical,” said Tobosa’s Executive Development Director Joe Madrid.

Tobosa Developmental Services provides programs to help adults with disabilities integrate into the community, become self-sufficient and productive.

The facility on North Richardson serves as a center to transport clients into the community to work sites, Madrid said. It also is a gathering place for leisure time and provides educational activities and life skills programs.

“That center is beginning to be too small for the services we provide there,” Madrid said. “We’re looking to this project to build a larger center at the location we’re currently occupying.”

The North Richardson location has an 1,800-square-foot building. Tobosa would like to build a 2,400-square-foot building at the site to complement the property. It would give the program more space and provide more room for staff to train and hold state-mandated meetings, he said.

Tobosa was the only applicant for the county CDBG funds application process. The application met the criteria of benefiting low- and moderate-income families, aiding the prevention of blight or meeting an urgent community development need, said Community Development Director Charlotte Andrade.

The application must undergo a competitive process through the state Legislature.

As part of the approval, the commission approved a resolution, committing that if the grant was approved, the county would contribute 10 percent of the funding to the project.

In other action, commissioners held the county’s annual public road hearing. The county received nine applications for the hearing this year.

Road vacation requests were submitted by: JY Ranch, 1.9 miles; Chaves County Road Department, .5 miles; Chuck Wagner, .92 miles; Singleton Properties, 6.6 miles.

Road maintenance was requested by: Ellison Carter, 3.1 miles on Aleut; Buena Vida Improvement Association, Tierra Grande Boulevard, El Rosal, El Arco Way and Los Padrinos.

Commissioners also read proclamations for the National Day of Prayer and Volunteer Appreciation Month.

Commissioner Kim Chesser said he wanted to thank all volunteers of Chaves County and in specific, the volunteers of the fire departments.

“I have had the privilege of getting to be at the fire meetings,” Chesser said. “It is unread the amount of time it takes, especially when getting the ISO ratings lowered. They’ve got to have a true love for what they do. I really think the citizens of Chaves County have no idea the amount of time these volunteers put in and all of the volunteers, and volunteers at the hospital, and cleaning up Roswell.”

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