Regional legislators speak at annual lunch

April 14, 2014 • Local News

State legislators provided attendees with a legislative update from this year’s session Monday at the Chamber of Commerce’s Lunch and Learn.

The main topics included explanations of recently passed legislation, education funding, capital outlay, oil and gas revenue funds and agriculture.

House representatives Nora Espinoza, Dist. 59, Bob Wooley, Dist. 66, Candy Spence Ezzell, Dist. 58, were joined by Sens. Stuart Ingle, Dist. 27, Cliff Pirtle, Dist. 32, Bill Bert, Dist. 33, and Gay Kernan, Dist. 42.

“Overall it was a good session. In a 30-day session we’re supposed to do a budget and that’s it,” said Ingle, Senate minority leader. “There was a lot of joint resolutions introduced this year thank goodness only three passed, because that’s something folks vote on. I’m not against voting on things. But there was junk introduced there that were just hideous.”

Ingle explained the process of passing this year’s budget and how he was pleased that the Legislature was able to get it done before the session ended, in spite of the abundance of tie-votes and hold-ups in the House.

He also talked about the new law outlawing texting while driving.

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