Ordinance amendment to ban e-cigarettes fails

April 10, 2014 • Local News

A majority of councilors voted Thursday not to add electronic cigarettes to the list of items not allowed in public places.

The amendment to the Clean Air Ordinance failed after five councilors voted against it. Councilors Juan Oropesa and Steve Henderson voted in favor. Councilors Jason Perry and Elena Velasquez were absent from the meeting.

Several members of the public spoke against adding electronic smoking devices to the list of banned items to the smoking policy.

Former Councilor Jimmy Craig said he was in opposition to the change.

“I’m generally one that does not believe in over-intrusive government,” Craig said. “You have to have a real reason to intrude in personal likes and dislikes.”

Craig said it appeared to him that there was no conclusive scientific evidence in regards to the electronic devices. E-cigarettes had helped him as a lawyer in court and it had been good to him, he said.

“It’s actually been very beneficial to me. I was a smoker and Login to read more

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