To the Editor of the Roswell Daily Record,

April 2, 2014 • Dear Editor

I was surprised and somewhat amused to find the following letter in my mail.



I have spoken with several other pastors and we all agree that you should immediately stop writing anymore letters to the editor.

Are you insane? Haven’t you humiliated yourself and us enough? You look like a total idiot. Don’t you remember what happened to Dan Parsons back in 2010-2011? He was destroyed! .

Now you’re [auth] doing it again and I promise you that they will eviscerate you! They will not stop and they will not lose.

Because of you half of our members are questioning what we teach and the other half are too ashamed to tell anyone they go to church. We will lose more members if you keep this up.

You will definitely lose. You must stop now.

End of letter


Some interesting notes on the matter: 1) No one signed it. 2) The handwritten return address gave a nonexistent address. 3) The message had a threat to eviscerate me.

I must wonder if some denominations believe they can gain points towards heaven by slandering and making threats to people who disagree with their theology. I bet some atheists are getting a good belly laugh out of this.

I would appreciate it if the person or persons who wrote this letter would have the integrity to come forward and tell us if this was intended as a joke or a serious threat. I think a better way to resolve this conflict is to discuss it over coffee. I will be happy to buy. I will not be intimidated.


To the King of Kings


Russell A. Scott


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