Library board submits 4 nominations to mayor

April 2, 2014 • Local News

Members of [auth] the Roswell Public Library board of directors chose four candidates to fill three open board seats during a special meeting on Tuesday.

Board members nominated current member Patty Bristol to fill one open seat. Bristol is completing a partial term for a former member and if approved by the mayor, she would begin filling her first official term on the library board.

There were 10 nominations for the remaining two seats, and the board members heard resumes and letters from the candidates describing their various qualifications.

“We have such a wonderful selection of candidates, I am really impressed with the quality of individuals who have applied,” said board president Marna Hunt.

After hearing the qualifications of the nominees, the board selected three — Randy Montgomery, Michelle Hembree and Sara Mitchell — as applicants for the remaining two board seats.

The names will be submitted to the council in order of their approval, with Montgomery being first, Hembree second and Mitchell third.

Members Elizabeth Shamas and Ed David will be leaving, and the board will submit the three chosen candidates as possible board members to Mayor Dennis Kintigh for his final approval. The mayor then submits the names to the City Council for appointment.

“The mayor can either accept our nominations, or he can nominate someone of his own choosing,” Hunt said.

City Councilor Jeanine Corn Best told the board she would take the names to the city clerk for submission to the mayor and inclusion on the next city council agenda.

“The cemetery board recently went through the same process,” Corn Best told the board members. “Except they had to choose from the whole county, because people out in the county also use the cemetery.”

“We just had so many well qualified applicants, I was really impressed,” Hunt said. “They all are so active in so many different activities I don’t know when they sleep,” she added, jokingly.

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