Dear Messrs Corman and Hunter,

April 2, 2014 • Dear Editor

Thank you for your replies to my letter. You raise some interesting points. I do apologize that you took offense at my comments. However l merely ask that you and Mr. Smotherman study your Bible for correct and truthful information.

You portray Mr. Smotherman as a nice man, doing much for parts of the community. That’s very kind and loving. Really though his work to push Christians into political office is fruitless and unscriptural. Why? Open your Bibles to Daniel 2:44 and read. It makes abundant sense that God’s heavenly Kingdom will rule over the earth and its inhabitants ensuring that never again will we see the malfunctioning kingdoms and governments we see now.

Now recall what you pray for when you pray [auth] ‘let your Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven’. This was the main thrust of Jesus’ teaching here on earth. God’s Kingdom will come to the earth. Do you really want to be advocating or participating in politics or a government that is temporary, that will soon be replaced by a permanent everlasting government here on the earth ruled from the heavens?

Ms. Corman referred to Jesus involvement in politics because of what he said at Mark 12:17. You need to understand the situation to know why he said that. To avoid sedition and a possible revolt and to avoid condoning injustice, Jesus simply stated ‘be honest, pay your taxes, uphold the law’. He was not getting involved in politics. If he was becoming political this would contradict his words at John 17:16 — as a Christian you should be ‘no part of the world’.

For what was Jesus primarily known? Not as a healer, feeder of thousands or resurrector of the dead, though he filled these roles remarkably. Rather it was as Teacher. So, should we sit back, do nothing and wait for God’s Kingdom to come to the earth? No, of course not! Christ’s genuine followers devote themselves to the same work that occupied him; teaching people the good news of God’s Kingdom. All true Christians are commissioned by Jesus to teach (not just clergy or pastors or rabbis) and to teach people worldwide about God’s Kingdom. How does Mr. Smotherman and his church fare when it comes to the scripture found at Matt 24:14? The entire earth is receiving a message of the good news by one group alone. If anyone asks you if you want a free Bible study, it’s definitely worth accepting!

As a postscript to Ms. LaDonna Corman’s reference to persecution, I wonder whether she really understands what persecution means. For example, being imprisoned for one’s faith (for remaining neutral in national and international conflicts), being tortured and beaten for one’s faith. Yes this is being practiced in many parts of the world on true Christians. Encouraging your pastor to enjoy a study of the Bible is not persecution.



John Watson

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