Dear Editor,

April 2, 2014 • Dear Editor

I see people defending the good work of Pastor Troy and I wonder if his church could be a church for me. I’m not gullible though, and I have researched what the early Christian Congregation was like. If this church is just like the early church then I may join. These are a few of the things I have found out: The early Christians were politically neutral and were not in the military (John 17:16). “A careful review of all the information available goes to show that, until the time of Marcus Aurelius [Roman emperor from 161 to 180 C.E.], no Christian became a soldier; and no soldier, after becoming a Christian, remained in military service.”—The Rise of Christianity, E. W. Barnes. “They refused to take any active part in the civil administration or the military defense of the empire. . . . it was impossible that the Christians, without renouncing a more sacred duty, could assume the character of soldiers, of magistrates, or of Login to read more

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