Dear Editor,

April 2, 2014 • Dear Editor

The letter by Lacy Corman (3-25-2014) defending Pastor Smotherman was very disturbing. First it shows that you can take one scripture and make it mean anything you want. You think that Jesus statement “give Caesars things to Caesar and God’s things to God” means we should be involved in politics? You cannot be serious! Early Christians did not understand it that way. And where do you think your “allegiance” should be, to Caesar or to God? Because in the pledge of allegiance you’re not giving it to [auth] God! Christ and his followers stayed out of politics back in the first century and today. Try and read a little history before making broad statements.

And did you say we should act like Jesus? Like going to war? Is that what Jesus asked us to do? When it comes to politics, there are only make believe Christians in politics. Satan, the “ruler of the world” owns the governments. You do remember that he offered them to Jesus, don’t you (Luke 4:5-7,Matt. 4:8,9) ? Whoops! And do you really think that we have to get involved in politics to make God’s Kingdom Come? That’s what Emperor Constantine thought and do you remember the Third Reich? Jesus said, “You are no part of the world, and my Kingdom is no part of the world”. We also know that God’s Kingdom will destroy and remove all the governments on earth (Dan. 2:44), including this lousy government. Are you ready for that? And I hope that LaDonna Corman (3-25-14) realizes that Pastor Troy gets paid to help the needy and he “reaches the lost” to get them to come to his church and give him more money.

It is against the law to be a tax free religious group and promote politics, do you understand that? Watson was right, it is legally, scripturally and ethically wrong. We don’t want these religions in the government or in our schools. Now you see why “fundamentalist Christians” are considered a threat to national security.


Jonathan R. McNamara


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