Dear Editor, 3-30-14

April 2, 2014 • Dear Editor

In her letter in defense of Mr. Smotherman, Lacy Corman has misapplied Mark 12:17. She says that this passage proves that Jesus was involved in politics. To the contrary, his response shows that he avoided a political stance. Jesus’ enemies, the Pharisees were nationalists and wanted independence from Rome. The party followers of Herod were supportive of Rome’s rule over the Jews. The question, Is it lawful to pay the head tax, was designed to trap Jesus. If he said yes, then the Pharisees who despised subjection to Rome and the Jews in general would hate him. If he answered no, then the party followers of Herod would claim sedition. Jesus adroitly asked for a denarius and asked them whose picture was on the coin. They replied Caesar’s. Then give it back to him. Jesus remained neutral to the political issues of his day. The people even Login to read more

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