Judge finds Campbell competent to stand trial

March 28, 2014 • Local News

District Judge Freddie Romero ruled on Friday that 12-year-old Mason Campbell, the boy accused of shooting two classmates at Berrendo Middle School, is competent to assist with his defense and stand trial.

However, Campbell’s attorneys told the court neither they nor Campbell’s family want the matter to go to trial.

“The child understands the charges and we are working on a resolution,” said defense attorney Jason Bowles. The boy was represented on Friday by two attorneys — Bowles and attorney Robert Gorence, both of Albuquerque.

Police say Campbell, armed with a shotgun, opened fire at the middle school on Login to read more

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2 Responses to Judge finds Campbell competent to stand trial

  1. babyray says:

    take the kid to trial. he did wrong. just because he comes from a family of money does that give him privelege?

  2. murphy says:

    No, it gives him the same rights as other juveniles as well as adults. How many other cases never go to trial because a plea deal has been reached?

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