Library board discusses member nominations

March 27, 2014 • Local News

Members of the Roswell Public Library Board of Directors are looking at nominees for two open positions on the board.

“We have two members leaving the board, and we are open to suggestions from board members for possible replacements,” said board president Marna Hunt.

Members Elizabeth Shamas and Ed David will be leaving, and the board may submit [auth] names of possible replacements to the mayor, who then turns to the City Council for final approval of the appointments, Hunt said.

Several names were suggested, but since the nominations were not listed on the meeting’s agenda, the board could not vote on the matter during the Thursday meeting.

A special meeting will be held Tuesday at 4 p.m., when the board will reconvene and discuss the various candidates, and try and narrow down the list of names, which the board will forward to City Hall for consideration.

“The mayor can either accept our nominations, or he can nominate someone of his own choosing,” Hunt said.

Members discussed seeking younger nominees to bring a younger perspective to the board. “We definitely want our board to be diverse,” Hunt said.

Library Director Betty Long said she would like to see home schooling parents or parents of children with disabilities serve on the board as well.

The board also discussed the possibility of reducing the number of annual meetings, a topic which was brought to the board by David, who was absent from Tuesday’s meeting.

Board members discussed reducing the number of meetings, but in the end, decided to take no action on the request.

Shamas said the meetings, even without an action-packed agenda, still serve a purpose.

“We need to keep informed of what is going on within the library, so we can go out and tell the community all the great things have happening.

“I see our job as one of being ambassadors for the library,” Shamas said.

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