Committee discusses need for more medical professionals in city

March 26, 2014 • Local News

A new committee convened Wednesday, brought together by Mayor Dennis Kintigh, that aims to provide solutions to medical care challenges in Roswell.

Several physicians and administrators of local hospitals and health care groups met at City Hall to begin discussing critical needs, including the shortage of primary care doctors.

Retired nurse and community leader Jane Batson facilitated the committee. A similar group was in place during former Mayor Sam LaGrone’s term in office.

“I think the majority of us who sit around this table are action people who want to get this thing moving,” Batson said.

Representatives from Lovelace Regional, Eastern New Mexico Medical Center, Kymera Independent Physicians, and private physicians chimed in with several ideas about how to improve care within the community.

Ideas included eliminating the “no compete” clause between medical facilities. As the situation exists today, if a local physician wants to leave one practice for a certain Login to read more

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