RPD looking forward to accreditation

March 21, 2014 • Local News

The Roswell Police Department has been recommended for full accreditation by the New Mexico Law Enforcement Accreditation Program.

Program assessors, which is a branch of the New Mexico Municipal League, completed a three-day onsite assessment of the department.

The onsite assessment [auth] concluded Thursday. A report issued to Police Chief Phil Smith indicated that the department will recommend the Roswell Police Department to be fully accredited, said spokeswoman Sabrina Morales.

“This is something the police department is very proud of,” Morales said. “We’ve been working on this for months.”

The process started a year ago, Morales said.

While at the Roswell Police Department, the assessors were able to review the best practices utilized by the Roswell Police Department, which are currently accepted standards across New Mexico for Law Enforcement Agencies.

Once the department is fully accredited by the State of New Mexico, it will mean the department will be recognized regarding its operational policies, leadership, and professionalism.

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