Duffey: County 1 of 3 to receive an outstanding audit

March 21, 2014 • Local News

During the county commission meeting Thursday, Heinfeld, Meech and Co. presented the county’s fiscal year 2013 audit report. The report was deemed to be an “unbiased audit” and “the best opinion you can get” by the firm’s representative.

Commissioner Smiley Wooton said the positive report made him proud to be part of a county that tended to business as it had.

Though the report reveals a shrinking budget, spending cuts and other conservative financial decisions were made to keep the budget in line.

The county spent 17 percent less — nearly $6.3 million — than last year.

Most cuts were made to general government, health and welfare budgets, as the county received less revenue from investment income, and the state and federal government.

The county received $28.3 million in revenue — $3 million less than in 2012. Total spending was Login to read more

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