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Crime Stopper success across state lines! We’re all smiles!

March 20, 2014 • Local Business Review

You will remember about a week ago when a Roswell Police Department officer made a routine traffic stop in downtown Roswell and ended up being dragged about 30 feet by the driver of the vehicle. The suspect was a man named Brian Rudloff of Odessa, Texas. Mr. Rudloff’s truck, which we learned had been stolen in Odessa, was found shortly at a local hotel, but unfortunately he managed to escape. Well, that did not last very long! Based on a tip to Chaves County Crime Stoppers and an alert call center, the tip was forwarded to Odessa and, only one day after the incident, Mr. Ludloff was apprehended in Odessa! We are appreciative for the initiative shown by our call center, and for the efficiency of the law enforcement community in Odessa, Texas. In our conversation with Executive Director Susan Rogers of Odessa Crime Stoppers, We are convinced that there will be some future networking between our organizations. They are a [auth] well-established non-profit agency in Texas, successful in what they do and with ideas which we may find useful in Roswell and Chaves County.

Police Chief Phillip Smith arrived here in Roswell a couple of years ago as a deputy chief, and we have had the pleasure of some very good interaction with him over that period of time. He recognizes the importance of citizen involvement in preventing and solving crime. Chief Smith has expressed that philosophy clearly in the few months he has been at the helm, including two large Neighborhood Watch meetings focused on his answering questions by residents. There will be more of these opportunities to meet the chief.

Chaves County Crime Stoppers is a key opportunity for us as citizens within our community to be involved in crime prevention. It’s really a simple concept. If you know of a fugitive from the law or can provide information concerning a crime, which leads to an arrest, you may be eligible for an award of up to $1000. Call 1-888-594-TIPS (8477), a call center in LaPorte, Texas and give your absolutely anonymous tip. The center is manned 24/7 and able to take calls in English or in Spanish. You should be given an identifying number for follow-up and the call will be directed to the Roswell coordinator. The Police Coordinator is a police officer who will take the digital call and forward it to the correct office or agency for action. Remember, your tip could bring you a cash award of up to $1000! 1-888-594-TIPS (8477).
Our web site is . And we do, of course, have a Facebook page. (Sorry, no Twitter yet!)

Once an arrest is made or a warrant is issued based on a particular tip, it becomes the job of the Crime Stoppers Board of Directors to determine what will be the amount of the award, up to $1,000. There are some standards we use, but importantly, the board relies on our law enforcement board members to suggest the “value” of the successful tip. We are particularly proud of our Board of Directors, citizens of our community who give their time and energy to a worthwhile organization. These directors include Susie Snyder, Toni Pemberton, Neil Roe, Charles Shannon, Richard Lucero, Bill Golden, Don Bullock, Steve Wolfe and four law enforcement officers, Sheriff’s Deputy Detective Bill Daleske, Commander Tom Moody of the RPD, and Detectives Albert Aldana and Officer Scott Wrenn, also of the Roswell Police Department.

Remember, the Chaves County Crime Stoppers number to call is 1-888-594- TIPS (8477). No one will know who you are!

One other thing: On April 26, 2014, we will be doing another Prescription Drug Takeback at our office, 426 North Main, the corner of Fifth and Main.
If you have unused, unwanted or outdated prescription drugs, bring them to us from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m.

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