Tumbleweeds, wind invade Roswell

March 18, 2014 • Local News

Tumbleweeds collected along a property on Berrendo Road. (Jill McLaughlin Photo)

This weekend Roswell was subjected to yet another form of alien invasion to go along with the annual spring winds. Gusts were reported in excess of 60 mph, resulting in downed tree limbs and trees. The winds also heralded the beginning of this year’s annual migration of the alien invasive species, the tumbleweed, or the Russian thistle. This year promises to be a bumper crop year for the tumbleweed. The previous years of drought killed most native grasses and native plant species, providing fallow ground for the tumbleweed. The 2013 flood provided the moisture.

City of Roswell Special Services Administrator Michael Mathews said the most recent event is seasonal, something Roswell faces every year. At 8 a.m., Monday, the Street Department was already out cleaning up branches and any fallen trees from the most recent windstorm.

This leaves no time for the humble tumbleweed. The citizen is responsible for hauling the dried vegetation and weeds to the dump, although the city has a heart for those Login to read more

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