Kintigh: ‘Tour of duty’ begins with swearing-in

March 11, 2014 • Local News

Mayor Dennis Kintigh, left, is sworn into office Monday by Magistrate Court Judge K.C. Rogers. His wife, Carol, held the Bible during the ceremony. (Jessica Palmer Photo)

Mayor Dennis Kintigh and five city councilors were sworn into office Monday with several local officials, family and friends in attendance at the convention and civic center.

“Now is the time for action,” Kintigh told those in attendance. “This ceremony begins our tour of duty.”

Magistrate Judge K.C. Rogers said he was honored to swear in the majority of new councilors and the mayor.

“I’ve known Dennis Kintigh for a long time,” Rogers said.

“When you’ve been in a position where you’ve stood beside someone with a gun in your hand and said, [auth] ‘look, one way or another, we’re going to get out of here, we’re going to get home.’ We’ve been through that.”

Those moments developed a brotherhood, Rogers explained.

“Dennis and I fought to make this community a better place and I believe it is,” Rogers said. “We did a very good job of that. And I am very proud of him to be here right now.”

Kintigh stood next to his wife, Carol, who held a Bible while he swore to support the U.S. Constitution, the constitution and laws of the state of New Mexico, and to serve faithfully and impartially as mayor.

Kintigh thanked his wife, the voters and former mayor Bill Owen, who served on his campaign.

“It is natural and understandable to pause and to savor a successful campaign for public office,” Kintigh said. “These endeavors are truly demanding and intense. It is normal to enjoy the elation of victory. But that moment of celebration must be just that—a moment.”

The moment was over, he said. And so was campaigning.

“Now begins the serious work of serving the citizens of Roswell,” Kintigh said. “We who hold public office must soberly reflect on the responsibilities we sought, the burdens we now shoulder and to whom we are accountable. The voters know what we said. They expect us to walk the talk.”

City councilors individually took the oath of office by ward prior to Kintigh.

Natasha Mackey, of Ward 1, was the first to take the oath and stood by her mother. Caleb Grant from Ward 2 followed; his wife, Emily, held the Bible while he was sworn in.

District Court Judge Charles Courier administered the oath of office to Ward 3 Councilor Art Sandoval, whose daughter, Victoria, held the Bible.

Councilor Jason Perry was joined by his wife, Deena, and was sworn into office for another term by Rogers.

Magistrate Judge John Halvorson administered the oath to Ward 5 Councilor Tabitha Denny, who stood by her father.


Ward 1 City Councilor Natasha N. Mackey is sworn into office Monday by Rogers. Her mother held the Bible during the ceremony. (Jessica Palmer Photo)

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