Ruiz’s struggles helped him achieve success

March 8, 2014 • Local News

Tom Ruiz, of the “B and the Breakfast Club” radio morning talk show.

Tom Ruiz, or “Tom A” as many know him, is rarely seen around town without his pocket microphone in hand. His voice is even more familiar to listeners across southeastern New Mexico as Kevin Bonner’s sidekick on the popular “B and the Breakfast Club” radio morning talk show.

Listeners have joked with him about his life’s ups and downs. They know all about the details of his 92-day marriage. They laugh about his battle of the bulge.

But what they don’t know the story of his perseverance to overcome personal tragedy and his dedication to pursue his dream that led him to Roswell.

One of four children, Ruiz grew up traveling the western states. His father was a migrant farmhand, who had legally moved to Texas to marry his mother.

“We worked on several farms doing migrant work,” Ruiz said. “As kids, we didn’t know better. It was grapes in the summer in California. We picked tomatoes, potatoes. You name it. And we trekked across the country in a Buick ‘68.”

His father would pull up to roadside rest stops at the end of the day. The family would unfold blankets and climb onto the big car.

“Everybody slept on the hood. We would stare at the stars at night,” Ruiz said. “That was pretty cool. What a way to see the country!”

In 1974, his father died tragically as result of a violent crime. Ruiz was Login to read more

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    i love listening to 94.9 every morning. the b and the breakfast in the morning.

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