Kintigh campaign donors to remain anonymous

March 8, 2014 • Local News

Mayor-elect Dennis Kintigh collected the majority of his campaign war chest before he officially filed for office.

The tactic allowed his campaign to gather $21,722 in contributions during the time period that did not require him to publicly disclose the donors in campaign finance reports.

“We’ve complied with the reports that require us to state from the date of filing through the various time periods of the reports,” Kintigh said. “Anything outside of that is not subject to reporting. Some people might not be happy with that, but the problem with that is that the statute is poorly written.”

Kintigh raised more than the $36,436 he spent in his campaign to defeat incumbent Mayor Del Jurney, he said. He estimated he has a few hundred dollars left.

“We haven’t finalized the books Login to read more

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