Public hearing to discuss city project

March 7, 2014 • Local News

There will be a public hearing 6 p.m. Monday at [auth] the Convention Center, 912 N. Main St., in the Nancy Lopez Room to discuss a proposed “Spring River Trail Lighting Project,” which is currently in the design process.

The City of Roswell has been funded a project to place solar lights along the Spring River Trail, starting at Riverside Drive, east toward Nevada Avenue. The funding source is the New Mexico State Highway and Transportation Department. NMDOT protocol requires a Design Public Hearing to give any interested persons an opportunity to learn and discuss the project and any concerns.

Residents may also submit written comments to City Engineer Louis Najar by March 14. Submit written comments to: Louis Najar, City Engineer, P.O. Box 1838, Roswell, NM 33202-1838. Or email comments to:

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