RDRNEWS site under maintenance


Although we’ve made lots of progress past, not all bugs have [auth] been worked out with RDRNEWS.COM. In certain cases, we still need to place the website in maintenance mode to update or improve parts of our website. An error has occurred with RDRNEWS.COM that my be the cause of the bottlenecking the website traffic. This means once the website reaches a certain number of visitors in a short time span the website starts to slows down and eventually the website freezes. Our tech team wasn’t able to perform some necessary maintenance planned durning the late hours, because they were not able to reproduce the error. To isolate the problem and fix the error, our techs need to reproduce the error during high traffic hours. Some of the website features have been disabled instead of taking down the whole website. For the next few hours, RDRNEWS will be placed in maintenance mode. We expect the maintenance will take at least a few of hours before all the website functions are up again. Thank you for your patience.

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