City working to repair broken water line near elementary school

March 6, 2014 • Local News

Roswell [auth] city employees worked Thursday to fix a broken water line at Washington Avenue Elementary School. The repairs resulted in the buses being rerouted to the south entrance and shut down some bathrooms in the school. (Randal Seyler Photo)

A broken water line at Washington Avenue Elementary School has resulted in buses being rerouted while the city repairs the damage and has shut down some of the school’s bathrooms.

“We’re not sure to what the extent of the damage, but it has affected the school, said Mark Earnest, superintendent of the city Water Maintenance and Transmission Department. “They do have active bathrooms in the facility and water for the children to drink.”

Earnest said the city has been coordinating repair efforts with school officials.

“They are rerouting buses to the south pull up of the building,” Earnest said. “Everything is in motion and we are proceeding as quick as can.”

Earnest said the repairs will likely continue to restrict the water to the school, the city crews are trying to be finished with the repairs by next week.

The broken water line is an inconvenience, but it is business as usual at Washington Avenue Elementary, said Principal Ron Tidmore. “We are on top of it.”

Tidmore said the students have access to safe drinking water and bathroom facilities.

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