CCSO announces a series of promotions

March 6, 2014 • Local News

The Chaves County Sheriff’s Office announced a series of promotions within the department, Thursday. Sheriff Rob Coon said: “We have top quality promotions and new supervisors that will do a great job [auth] for the department.”

The faces are changing to fill spots vacated after Chief Deputy Pat Jennings and Sgt. Barry Dixon retired. Jennings retired at the end of November. Lt. Britt Snyder was promoted early in December, replacing Jennings as deputy chief, which, in turn, created another vacancy.

“The promotions are done through a testing process. I didn’t wave a magic wand and promote them. They are the best qualified for the jobs. They’ve all earned it,” said Coon.

Det. Doug Perham and Deputy James Mason have been promoted to sergeant. Sgt. Perham will continue as supervisor of the CCSO’s Criminal Investigation Division, where he has worked for many years. Sgt. Mason will be supervisor of the patrol division.

According to Snyder, Perham scored highest in the sergeant’s exam, while Mason came in second. He praised both men.

“Perham has been invaluable in CID; he’s experienced in our ICAC (internet crimes against children) investigations. It was logical to keep him there. Mason will be the head of patrol,” Snyder said.

Sgt. Mike Herrington was also promoted to lieutenant. Lt. Herrington is taking over the position of Lt. Daniel Ornelas who has filled the post left open by Snyder.

Herrington does the training for the CCSO Active Shooter Program in the schools, and Coon said that Herrington will be continuing with those duties.

“He’s done classes for local businesses and for other counties, too. We’ve offered training to all the sheriffs’ offices throughout the state, and other states are now expressing an interest in our program, too.”

Snyder explained that it was a big transition between sergeant and lieutenant, and even lateral moves require training.

“Daniel and I will be working closely together on issues of budget and administration.”

The Sheriff’s Office has hired four new people since January. Three have completed the New Mexico Law Enforcement Academy. One has yet to finish the training. Two more are in the stages of the hiring process.

The sheriff’s administrator Susan Goldstrom is also changing offices from CCSO to the Director of Human Resources at Chaves County.

“She’s done a great job, here,” said Snyder. “Now, she’ll be helping all the employees in the county. We’re going to miss her.”

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