Police Blotter: Police arrest 39 over weekend

March 4, 2014 • Police Blotter

Roswell Police Department officers responded to 50 incidents, 13 traffic accidents, and arrested a total of 39 individuals (34 adults and five juveniles) — another busy weekend for officers.

Eleven reports of residential and vehicle burglary were filed w[auth] ith the police over the weekend. Thousands of dollars’ worth of items were stolen. Some reports contained information regarding windows that were broken in order for the perpetrator to gain access, causing hundreds of dollars in damages. Other reports showed no sign of forced entry.


Fences, windows damaged by vandals

Individual community members filed seven reports of criminal damage with officers. A chain link fence sustained damage consistent with that of a vehicle hitting it on the 500 block of Cypress Avenue, causing approximately $500 in damages.

Residences and vehicles sustained window damage on the 700 block of North Missouri Avenue, the 100 block of North Delaware, the 900 block of North Michigan, the 3200 block of North Kentucky, and the 700 block of North Kentucky; resulting in thousands of dollars in damages. None of the incidents involving window damages appear to be related. A fence was kicked down on Tucker Court. The estimated damage to the fence is $150.


Police respond to fraud complaints

Five reports of fraud were filed with the RPD from Feb. 28, through March 2. One incident involved a company that contacted a woman and claimed she owed money on a loan. The woman believed she had been a victim of identity theft due to her purse and contents being stolen.

Another report stated a woman’s H&R block card had been utilized to obtain goods fraudulently. Two reports filed on Saturday by two separate people stated their bank accounts had fraudulent transactions on the accounts.


Counterfeit money reported

Another report of fraud involved counterfeit money. A man attempted to pay for goods at a local convenience store with counterfeit money. When the cashier explained it could not be accepted, the man then paid with his debit card.


Handguns, vehicle stolen

Nine reports of larceny were filed. These reports include larceny, larceny of vehicle, and shopliftings. According to one report, two handguns were stolen from an individual — possibly by a person the individual knew. The estimated value of the handguns is $400.

Out of five shopliftings, five people were arrested; two being juveniles. One report of larceny stated a vehicle was taken by someone the vehicle owner knew. The vehicle was later found, but was missing approximately $1,000 worth of items, including a GPS unit.


Anyone with information regarding these crimes or any other is urged to contact the Roswell Police Department at 624-6770 or Crime Stoppers 1-888-594-8477.

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