Fouratt recalls roots in Roswell

March 1, 2014 • Local News


Newly appointed secretary for the New Mexico Department of Public Safety Gregory J. Fouratt could be viewed as a native son of Roswell. His family came to Roswell in 1967 and 1969 to live when his father served in the Vietnam.

The family moved here permanently in 1970 to be close to his mother’s parents who had been part of Walker Air Force Base and had chosen to remain in the city after its dissolution.

He is proud of his roots in Roswell. He lived in the southwest side of the city when he attended Monterrey Elementary and then moved to the central part of the city, where he went to Missouri Avenue Elementary.

He also expresses pride in the Roswell Independent School District.

“I’m a product of its public school system and learned the values and virtues the city had when we were growing up. I’ve benefited my whole life from the upbringing I received here.”

Fouratt attended St. Peter’s Parish. At the age of 10, he participated in St. Peter’s first altar boy experimental classes. He refers to it as a formative part of his youth.

His ties to this community are tight and some of his friendships are life long.

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