Health department proposes new rules for medicinal pot

February 28, 2014 • Local News

Medical cannabis users in New Mexico are inhaling more of the stuff than suppliers can grow, according to a [auth] survey performed by the state health department.

As a result, the department proposes to increase the supply limit and add more nonprofit producers to the program.

“We take the needs of medical cannabis patients very seriously. The department commissioned a survey so that a decision about supply could be made based on data,” said Secretary Retta Ward. “We now have a plan to meet current and future patient needs.”

The department proposes to increase the plant limit from 150 total plants and seedlings up to 150 mature plants and up to 300 seedlings. The change will require a rule change and public comment period.

The department will also open an application period to add up to 12 licensed nonprofit producers.

There are 23 licensed nonprofit producers in the state.

The application period for the number of producers will begin after the rule changes are finalized.

The DOH expects to announce proposed rule changes at a public hearing in the spring.

Ward also has accepted the Medical Cannabis Advisory Board’s recommendation to add Parkinson’s disease and Huntington’s disease to the list of qualifying conditions to get into the program.

There are now 19 qualifying conditions to become a patient.

There are 10,621 patients in the state Medical Cannabis Program.

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