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Wakefield Oil is a family business, now positioning for the second generation

February 26, 2014 • Local Business Review

The Wakefield Oil family includes (left to right) LaMond Wakefield, Artesia Manager; Wendell Wakefield, Owner; Jayton Wakefield, General manager; and Gareth Hansen, Roswell Manager. Please call Wakefield Oil at 622-4160 with any questions about what Wakefield Oil can do for you.

Preparation is taking place at Wakefield Oil for Wendell to step back a little and have his two sons and son in law start the second generation. Studies have confirmed that a large percentage of second generation family businesses are where large growth and business success magnifies.

Opportunities and potential are great and Wakefield Oil is expanding their business all over Chaves, Eddy, Lea, Lincoln and Otero counties.

Please visit their web site at . Future integration in the web site will allow customers monitoring of cost, miles per gallon and the option to be e-mailed when preventative maintenance is due (oil change), or inappropriate mileage has been entered.

Customer benefits show:
[auth] ∆ Total gallons per vehicle (card or assigned vehicle number)
∆ Total cost per vehicle
∆ Miles per gallon
∆ Cost/Gallons per month, week or day
∆ Preventative maintenance monitoring per mileage or time

Wakefield Oil is a wholesale distributor of gasoline, diesel and oil plus offers a full service gas station at 311 South Virginia along with oil changes. The main thing they offer is service! Wakefield also has six 24-hour Card Lock stations around the area.

Wakefield Oil Card Lock

Wakefield 24 Hour Card Lock locations are open now at:
• 311 South Virginia in Roswell – at Wakefield’s full service station
• 179 East Darby in Midway
• 901 South First St. in Artesia
• 406 North First St. in Artesia
• Mayhill, NM
• and the new site just 3 miles north of Loving.

These are 24 hour “pay at the pump stations” for businesses. Wakefield Oil is expanding to be more convenient for your business. Please call 575-622-4160 for information.
Wakefield Oil Co. helps booming Southeast New Mexico

With the unmatched growth of Southeast New Mexico’s gas and oil field industry Wakefield Oil Co. trucks are now a common sight on our roads.

The company has been called upon by government agencies and private companies to provide competitive prices and service to the booming gas and oil fields in the rural parts of Southeast New Mexico with the fast growing towns of Artesia, Carlsbad, Hobbs and Lovington. According to the EnergyPlex economic Index of the 2nd Quarter 2013 of Lea County: “The sheer volume of crude oil and natural gas produced in Lea and Eddy counties continues to soar.”

With two bulk storage facilities in Artesia and Roswell Wakefield Oil Co, Inc. is prepared to continue its expansion into Southeast New Mexico as the demand is rising.

With this company as service leader and provider of the best financial performance, delivering quality products the future is bright for our area.

If your company is ready to put the power of Wakefield Oil to work, call 622-4160 to schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our petroleum products experts.

Wakefield Oil Co. full service station

Wakefield Oil Company, at 311 South Virginia, knows their customers and pride themselves on giving good service to each and every customer because service is what Wakefield Oil is known for. Wakefield Oil celebrating last year their 30th Anniversary on the first of November.

Wakefield Oil does everything in their power to acknowledge and wait on their customers quickly. Wakefield considers it a privilege to provide you service, and you can still expect them to go the extra mile.

THAT’S SERVICE! …and always with a smile! Please phone 622-4160 for more information.

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