Dexter students visit Police Technical Services Unit

February 25, 2014 • Local News

A group of students from Dexter Consolid[auth] ated Schools visited the Roswell Police Department Technical Services Unit on Tuesday.

The students were in the sixth, seventh and eighth grades and discussed various aspects of forensic science with members of the TSU. The students even experienced the newest piece of machinery in TSU — a 3-D scanner.

The students will utilize what they learned and apply it in a school project.

The students were able to see firsthand how the recently acquired Faro 3-D scanner is utilized at crime/accident scenes.

The scanner utilizes a laser which “captures” images of the scene. Once the information is downloaded into the computer, the software creates a 3-D image, which essentially allows officers to “fly” through scenes.

The images give a detailed depiction of the accident/crime scene from various angles. Officers from the Technical Services Unit and traffic have been trained to operate this specialized equipment.

TSU members were happy to share their knowledge with the students. By utilizing the 3-D scanner officers will be able to present a better “picture” for the court and or jury to review.

The piece of machinery and software is something the police department has been trying to obtain since 2008.

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