Chavez found guilty on several charges

February 24, 2014 • Local News

A Chaves County jury found Robert Chavez guilty on charges, including one count of racketeering, one for conspiracy to commit racketeering, two counts of trafficking methamphetamines, two counts of conspiracy to commit drug trafficking, and three counts of money laundering. He now faces a prison term of up to 26 years.

The cumulative charges accrued from acts that reportedly took place in Otero County starting in November 2007 through May 2012, where a group brought 7.5 pounds and 4 pounds of methamphetamines to Alamogordo from Arizona on at least two and potentially three separate dates, Feb. 28, April 8 and May 1, 2012. Authorities valued the 4 pounds at $300,000 and the 7.5 at a half million dollars.

Kirby Wills, deputy district attorney, 12th District Court, explained the charges of racketeering allowed the State to put the entire organization on trial. “We did not invent the name of the AZ Boys; Login to read more

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