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Rudy’s Towing Service & Wrecking Yard offers car removal, expert towing and a wrecking yard and parts

February 22, 2014 • Local Business Review

Rudy’s Towing Service offers:

• Rudy’s Towing will remove unused, abandoned or unwanted vehicles from your property. Call 420-4776 or 623-5021 for details.

With or without the title, Rudy’s pays cash for unwanted vehicles. They pay by the curb weight. Call for details. Rudy’s says, “Turn your junk cars into spending cash!”

Apartment managers and store managers only need to call Rudy’s Towing and they will take care of it for you. You can even bring in unwanted vehicles yourself [auth] if you want.

Local and Long Distance Towing, utilizing cautious and certified drivers. Their tow vehicles are safety-checked daily. Rudy’s Towing Service accepts insurance and most motor clubs. Please call for details. They are ready to serve you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with competitive pricing. Rudy’s also has motorcycle doilies so they can tow motorcycles with care.
• Lockouts.
• Dismantler’s License.
• Wrecking Yard and – if you need a used part (from a mirror to an engine, or even a complete front end,) they will find it for you. No part is too large or too small, they will do their best to locate it, including door glass and windshields. When you need a part for a vehicle, you will get friendly and polite service from Daniel who utilize Rudy’s used parts computer network to find what you need from all over the country – at the best possible price. Call 622-9820 for parts.

Rudy’s invites body shops and mechanics to call for parts also. Engines, transmissions, whatever – they can find it for you and then select the part you need at the best price, even for mechanics.

Rudy’s also has a wrecking yard with over 500 vehicles available right there on the premises. Parts available include alternators, starters, air conditioner compressors, radiators and door glass and windshields.

When you are involved in an accident, it is your choice to select who tows your vehicle, ask for Rudy’s! They can tow your vehicle from the accident scene or site of disability to the location of your choice including repair shops or your home, simply by requesting Rudy’s Towing Service from the police officer on the scene.

They can tow any vehicle, up to and including small and medium motor homes, they specialize in towing dualies with gooseneck trailers. They can also tow your vehicle to their secure and insured yard if need be.

For business owners with fleets – call Rudy’s Towing and get a seasonal estimate for towing (wrecks or breakdowns, etc.) for your fleet vehicles.

Shop managers and service managers, call Rudy’s Towing for all your towing needs. Rudy’s will not only be representing itself, but also your company. All of Rudy’s drivers are uniformed to give a professional look. They also are courteous to all of their customers and patient, to give their customers their full attention.

So call Rudy’s Towing if you LIKE great service and modern equipment. Request Rudy’s Towing Service when you call your motor club or insurance company’s dispatcher.
Rudy’s offers 10% Discounts to Seniors.

Just call Rudy’s Towing Service & Wrecking Yard at 623-5021 for more information.
At Rudy’s Towing Service & Wrecking Yard they put the customer first. All of Rudy’s drivers will take care of your vehicle as if it was their own and, if it happens to be towed to Rudy’s yard, it is safe and insured. Rudy’s Towing Service & Wrecking Yard is located at 6221 Devonian Road.

“Call Rudy’s Towing Service FIRST… THEY CARE!”

Rudy’s Towing would like to thank their customers for over 15 years of business.

Please call 623-5021 for more information.

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