Wings for Life, Roswell Police join up

February 21, 2014 • Local News

The Wings for Life program hosted a class involving the Roswell Police Department at Monterrey Elementary on Feb. 18.

Training and Recruiting Officer Lisa Brackeen spoke with the children about various issues. Brackeen reminded the children what to do if a stranger approaches them. All children agreed they should run away from a stranger and find an adult they know and trust. The children were able to have some of their own [auth] questions answered during the class.

One question involved what officers do with “bad guys.” Brackeen explained to the children that not everyone is a “bad guy,” just sometimes people make bad decisions. Adults have consequences they must face when they choose to break the law.

“It’s just like when you choose not to obey your parents and you are punished. However, when adults choose not to obey the law, they too have consequences for their actions, and sometimes they do have to go to jail,” Brackeen said.

Firearm safety was also a topic of discussion. The children were told that if they came across a firearm, they should tell an adult immediately, and not handle the gun by themselves.

When the topic of bullying was discussed, Brackeen reiterated the importance of keeping one’s hands and feet to one’s self and that it is recommended to follow the “Golden Rule.”

The children were reminded that part of a police officer’s job is to help people, and, if possible, to keep people from being harmed.

“Our job as police officers is to make sure you are safe. We want you to remember police are your friends,” Brackeen said.

For additional information regarding the Wings for Life program, call 317-2042.

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