City candidates spend big to win

February 20, 2014 • Local News

Sever[auth] al candidates seeking to overturn the mayor and sitting councilors have spent substantial sums of cash in the past month, according to financial reports filed Thursday.

Mayoral candidate Dennis Kintigh has spent $33,722 since January — more than four times that of Mayor Del Jurney.

Jurney has shelled out $7,692 in his bid for a second term, while only raising $6,385.

Information contained in the campaign finance reports was not yet certified, as City Clerk Sharon Coll was on leave Thursday, according to City Manager Larry Fry.

The reports contained a listing of all contributors to each candidate and a listing of expenditures. All candidates filed a report on time.

The mayoral candidates spent most of their money on advertising and signage.

Kintigh spent most of his money on radio and news advertisements, mailings and printing.

Jurney reported he spent his biggest checks on radio and newspaper advertisements, but purchased signs, billboards and bus ads.

In Ward 5, candidate Tabitha Denny far outpaced her opponent by raising $2,210 and spent nearly the entire sum on signs and flyers. Incumbent Councilor Barry Foster only raised $60 from one contributor and loaned his own campaign $505 to pay for signs and copies.

In Ward 1, incumbent Councilor Dusty Huckabee reportedly raised $2,450 and spent $1,824 on signage. The statement of his opponent, Natasha Mackey, showed she raised $3,075 from several contributors and spent $3,432.

Two Ward 2 candidates reported spending thousands on signage and advertising. The third candidate raised a decent amount of contributions, but only reported a small sum of spending.

Candidate Jerry Heck raised $320 and reportedly spent $2,019 on flyers, signs and I.D. badges. His opponent, Caleb Grant, raised $4,137 and reportedly spent $3,099 on signs and advertising.

The third Ward 2 candidate, James MacCornack raised $2,435 and reportedly spent $492.40. MacCornack, who has signs posted in the ward, only lists the following expenditures: Alpha Omega Printing, $213 for flyers and handouts; Peter Piper Pizza, $36 to feed helpers; $52 to pay Chaves County Clerk’s Office for a voter’s list; and another $189 for Alpha Omega Printing for flyers and handouts.

Ward 3 incumbent Art Sandoval took in $5,582 and spent a reported $2,267 on signs and mailers. His opponent, Joe Green, had several contributors who funded his campaign with $3,840. He reportedly spent $1,650 on voter data information from the county, post cards and signs.

Councilor Jason Perry in Ward 4 is running unopposed. He filed a report but did not raise or spend any money.

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