In the battle of good and evil, a lotof people choose good

February 18, 2014 • Editorial

In a world of good and evil, humans are charitable and selfish. Common decency competes with self-interest and process. Courage contrasts with cowardice. Consider two stories in the news.
A man collapsed in cardiac arrest Jan. 25 in Washington. To his potential fortune, 77-year-old Medrick “Cecil” Mills was just across the street from a fire house. His daughter ran to the station and begged for help. Others joined her. Mills was fighting for his life, they explained. The man had moments to live. Please help. A paramedic or two could save him.
Mills did not survive. His daughter and others have gone public, insisting the firefighters would not be bothered to cross the street. Instead, based on news reports, they spoke of obedience to protocol. They needed an order from central dispatch before they would respond.
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