City receives 21 applications for planning director

February 18, 2014 • Local News

The city received nearly two dozen applications to fill the position vacated when its planning director left last month, City Manager Larry [auth] Fry said Tuesday.

Planning Director Michael Vickers’ last day was Jan. 17. He accepted a position with a contracting and construction company in Lubbock.

Since advertising the position, 21 applicants from out of the area and locally have applied.

“I think it’s a very solid number we can work from,” Fry said. “We hope to have it filled in the next few weeks.”

The city had combined Vickers’ duties during his time with the city to include overseeing planning, zoning and support services departments. He worked his combined role as planning director for the past year. Additional personnel were added to other areas to cover duties after the two department head positions were combined, Fry said.

The new hire will fill the position, and will be called the planning and support services director.

Since Vickers’ departure, Sarah Juarez in support services and Louis Jaramillo in planning and zoning have picked up work until the city can fill the position, Fry said.

Fry said the city will soon begin the process of reviewing applications at great length.

“We certainly want to find a very good replacement through this process, and that’s our intent as we go through the process of the applications,” Fry said.

The city advertised a salary range for the position from $48,601 to $62,029.

The director’s duties will include a variety of community development matters, including municipal property and grant administration, code enforcement, demographic considerations, economics, traffic, public safety and other community needs that make up a “comprehensive community planning process,” according to the job advertisement.

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