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February 13, 2014 • Local Business Review

Pro Active Hearing LLC

Michelle Jones and her spouse Richard purchased Allman Hearing Health Care on August 1, 2013. Howard Allman has been in [auth] the business since 1955, he is still with us, and they together will continue to service New Mexico residents. With nearly 60 years in the business, the business is here to stay. They service Southeast NM. Roswell is their home office. They also service Artesia, Carlsbad, Hobbs, Lovington, and Ruidoso. Pro Active has added two other staff members who are Veronica Aguilar and Maria Torres. Pro active is happy to say that they can now help the Spanish speaking customers with a bilingual staff.

“Pro active”, Says Michelle, “I wanted the business name to have meaning. It means to be Pro Active in educating others that have hearing loss, hearing aids, and most important to know why and how we need to protect our understanding. Pro Active has the latest in technology so we can keep our clients happy. The community needs someone who truly cares. I love people, I love helping, and so does our staff”.

Pro Active tests 18 years and older, if you are not hearing you should be tested. The staff urges you to take the first step to better hearing and having a more satisfying life for you and your family and friends.

Pro Active has hearing aids in stock; they do free cleanings and repairs of all makes and models. They will check your ears on a regular basis. “We test at least every two years, so that you are being taken care of and we are able to direct you to an Ear, Nose or Throat Specialist”, states Michelle. “ We also want to take the time to thank the following: NMSBDC, New Mexico Small Business development Center, Mr. Carl Kallansrud and staff, Wells Fargo bank, Mr. Elliot Rodriguez and May, Taylor & Co., Mr Richard Taylor, and Mrs. Carolyn Madison. You have made our lives so much better, easier, and happier. Thank all of you that assisted us”.

What happens if you need hearing aids but you do not get or wear them?

• When and why should I wear hearing aids?

Hearing aids need to be work all day, from the time you get up, til you go to bed. If you do not wear your aids, your brain cannot hear sounds. This is how people lose their understanding. Some people dont get hearing devices. Others know they have a problem but are in denial, or they dont want anyone to know they wear hearing aids. The brain needs to hear sounds to recognize them. You must have your ears checked, have your hearing aids deep cleaned, and make certain that you are hearing like you should so that you may keep your understanding.

• Hearing problem?

It could be wax, It could be that you need a listening device and/or you may need to see and Ear, Nose, Throat Specialist.

• How often should you have a hearing test?

It is best to have a test annually. If you cannot be tested once a year then please get tested every two years.

• Why is it important to get a hearing evaluation?

You need to be tested to have a reference point, so if you go on medication you can see if your loss is due to medications, or something else. It is important to have a base-line to see and track how you are doing. It also shows how you should be fit if necessary. The Hearing Test or Hearing Evaluation will show other issues going on, and Pro Active may be able to catch it and refer you to your physician to get it resolved, so please get a test.

• What causes heating loss?

Hearing loss can be from the work environment you are around, or have been around, loud sounds repeatedly, or it could be a Traumatic Head Injury. It could be from some of the medications you take. There are Ototoxic Drugs that a re prescribed, and over the counter. If you have tinnitus, which is known to be ringing, chirping or buzzing of the ear, it could be from your medications. Pro Active does not want anyone to stop their prescribed medication. It is very important that you take your list of medications, and talk with your prescribing physician before you discontinue It is important to work with your Hearing Aid Specialist, your doctor, and/or you Ear, Nose, and Throat Doctor to be able to treat your tinnitus, or hearing loss. Some medications are necessary, but there may be an alternative your physician may be able to prescribe.

• How do I maintain my hearing aids?

Your dispenser who Prescribed your hearing assistive devices needs to show you how to clean and store your aids, as well as advise how often you should come in.

Pro Active will go over the information you need the most, then you should plan on coming on 3-4 appointments, to learn how to place them into your ear and how to best utilize what you have. Some people understand and use right away, others take a little longer and that is okay. Take as long as you need because

• How long does a Hearing Aid last?

They should last anywhere from 5-7 years but everyone is different. Please do not share your hearing aids and do not pass them on to your family or friends. The reasons being, if you have an infection you can pass it on. Every person is different and they need to be tested and fit for the frequencies they need.

•If you have hearing devices but you dont wear them;

Please round up your devices, and give Pro Active a call to set up an appointment. They can test you, see what you need for hearing loss, then they may be able to fix the problem. If the can fix what you already have Pro Active will do it, but they may need to recommend you something completely different.

• Do you like helping others?

If you have unused hearing aids think about donating them to So The World May Hear. Bring them into Pro Active and they will send them to the foundation. You would be putting the biggest smile on someone’s face and possibly saving their life.

Call 622-0375 or 1-800-675-7657 in NM only, or come in and meet the staff at 214 W. First Street and set up your free evaluation. The office hours are Monday- Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Pro Active promises to take the best care of you, they will explain everything they do, offer consultation, and let you pick what you want if you need hearing aids but most of all they promise to listen.

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