State’s Extraterrestrial Culture Day recognizes otherworldly visitors

February 11, 2014 • Local News

New Mexico celebr[auth] ates Extraterrestrial Culture Day today, to “celebrate and honor all past, present and future extraterrestrial visitors.” These cuddly greenies can be found at Roswell Landing Gift Shop on Main Street. (Jill McLaughlin Photo)

Have you hugged an extraterrestrial today?

Today’s state-recognized Extraterrestrial Culture Day gives you a chance to do just that.

After all, these visitors have come a long way this year to gaining at least some respect.

Locally, the town rallied when a baby alien was abducted in July from a mural on Bill Marley’s ranch along Hwy. 285. The loss was heart-wrenching.

Many hoped the child was temporarily lost in space and would return home on its own.

“We had hoped it would leave a trail of Reese’s Pieces to find its way back home,” said Roswell Chamber of Commerce Director Dorrie Faubus-McCarty.

The Chaves County Sheriff’s Department investigated the incident to no avail. Chief Deputy Britt Snyder expressed concern for its safety.

The community gathered Oct. 22 to celebrate the alien child’s replacement.

Another grand day arrived July 8 when Internet searchers worldwide were greeted with the now famous Roswell Incident “Google Doodle.”

The sketch seen around the world marked the 66th anniversary of the spaceship crash-landing scenario.

Other interesting events marked 2013 for Roswell’s mystery busters.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation posted a 63-year-old memo in March of an interview taken in New Mexico from an Air Force investigator who reported recovering three flying saucers, each occupied by three small human-shaped bodies dressed in blackout suits.

The memo was never investigated but viewed 1 million times.

In August, expert researchers of the 1947 Roswell Incident weighed in about whether the CIA’s admission of the existence of Area 51, a top-secret site in the Nevada desert, would lead to further proof of crashing flying saucers or alien autopsies.

“My suspicion is that they will stay quiet about that for a long, long time,” said Roswell UFO researcher Don Burleson, who is also area director of the national Mutual UFO Network.

Today’s Extraterrestrial Culture Day, proposed in 2003 by Rep. Dan Foley, R-Roswell, is meant to “celebrate and honor all past, present and future extraterrestrial visitors” to New Mexico.”

Yes, many of the creatures remain in surgery under heat lamps in the downtown museum. And their distant cousins have reduplicated in astounding numbers as neon-green blow-up toys.

A born-again, praying alien statue had even become victim of a burglary earlier this month, only to be recovered by the local police.

But, last year’s UFO Festival drew more than 1,350 visitors in its first day to the museum for its lectures and authors. The museum’s and Roswell’s popularity is proof that Roswell celebrates every day, said Executive Director Mark Briscoe.

“The rest of the country is just catching up with us,” Briscoe said.

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