Conservatives push agenda at Japan’s public TV

February 9, 2014 • Entertainment
Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe walks by public broadcaster NHK President Katsuto Momii speaking during a budget committee question and answer at the lower house of Parliament in Tokyo Wednesday, Feb. 5, 2014. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s appointment of new board members at Japan’s public broadcaster NHK has invited skepticism among many people that his motive may be to use the news giant to promote his nationalist agenda. Sure enough, minutes of a recent NHK governing board meeting suggest they were trying to exercise influence over programs. (AP Photo/Kyodo News) JAPAN OUT, MANDATORY CREDIT

TOKYO (AP) — Minutes of a recent governing board meeting of Japan’s public broadcaster NHK seem to back up suspicions that Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, despite his denials, is trying to use Japan’s news giant to promote his nationalist agenda.

The minutes, posted on NHK’s website but not widely reported, show conservatives appointed to the board by Abe voicing their opinion on coverage at the Jan. 14 meeting.

One of the four new members favored by Abe proposed that NHK should do more to educate the public about Japan’s territorial claims on islands at the center of a dispute with China, its wartime history as well as the problems with the post-World War II U.S.-led tribunal that prosecuted Japanese war criminals.

“I think there should be Login to read more

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