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February 6, 2014 • Local Business Review


KBCQ is heard on 92.5 FM and AM 1230. The radio station is one of four owned by Majestic Communications, Roswell’s only locally owned and operated broadcasting company.

Five Steps To Successful Radio Advertising.

Local radio offers the last and best opportunity for local business to build their brand and successfully compete with the big national chains. Radio can be a highly effective tool but, like any tool, it must be used properly.

1. Establish a budget

[auth] Effective advertising requires a sufficient commitment. Most successful advertisers base their budget on a percentage of sales. Your Majestic account executive will tailor an advertising plan to fit your budget.

2. Pick Your Target

You should focus your advertising on the people most likely to buy what you sell. Are they young or old, male or female, married or single, early risers or night owls?

3. Choose Your Weapon

Majestic Communications has four different radio stations with four unique formats delivering four distinct demographics. Together they reach almost everyone. Individually they can precisely target specific groups.

4. Craft Your Message

Typed-out, a thirty-second commercial is only six lines, so make every word count. First, get the listener’s attention, and then focus on one “big idea.” Mention your name at least three times and invite the listener in.

5. Be Patient

Immediate results are rare. It takes time to build momentum and begin moving your potential customers through the “selling cycle” from awareness to interest to action. That’s why big national advertisers like McDonald’s and Coca Cola are on the air 52 weeks a year. You should be, too! Working within your budget, the advertising professionals at Majestic Commnications will tailor an advertising plan to reach your target audience. And we produce many of the most creative, effective commercials heard on the radio today.

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