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February 5, 2014 • Local Business Review


Dr. Masoud Khorsand, a Roswell resident and physician, began providing superior quality care to the community in 1998 when he opened his doors as Southeastern New Mexico Internal Medicine, Hematology and Oncology, providing cancer treatment and care for patients with blood disorders.

By 2004 he had opened a cancer center in Carlsbad and in 2006, a cancer center in Hobbs. Then, in July 2008 the opportunity arose to expand into a full multi-specialty medical group, resulting in a name change to Kymera Independent Physicians.

Kymera provides Roswell, Carlsbad, Hobbs and Southeastern New Mexico with multidisciplinary medical care in the areas of Family and Internal Medicine, Hematology, Oncology, Rheumatology, Laboratory, and Radiology services.

The Urgent Care setting at Kymera Primary Care has been closed and will soon re-open in favor of a “Same Day Appointment/Walk In Clinic”.

A New Provider has been employed by Kymera to provide care in this new clinic. Most importantly Radiology and Laboratory services will remain available and on-site for patients utilizing this service.

The group employs approximately 100 staff members working with 9 providers in these communities while continuously recruiting more physicians to our practice. Kymera believes that the need for quality and [auth] timely health care is a prime concern for the residents in our community and will continue to expand our services to meet these needs.


Kymera Independent Physicians is dedicated to providing accessible, innovative, superior quality health care to the residents of Roswell, Carlsbad, Hobbs and the surrounding communities of Southeastern New Mexico. Kymera accepts private insurance, self- pay, Medicare, Medicaid, Tricare and indigent.


Kymera Independent Physicians will introduce and establish a multi-specialty independent physician group that places the medical needs of the community first. The group will stabilize and enhance access to quality and timely health care in Southeastern New Mexico while providing an environment for growth and expansion based on a financially viable physician practice.


Kymera Independent Physicians will strive to be a compassionate, responsive, ethical and efficient medical practice, devoted to the health care needs of the residents.

As promised, Kymera continues to add new providers to our community. We have added CFNP Krista Brown to our Primary Care Clinic in Roswell where she also travels to Carlsbad every Wednesday. Krista graduated from Clovis High School and went on to get her BSN at Texas Tech University followed by her MSN, FNP from West Texas A&M University. She has been a nurse practitioner since May of 2000. Her interests include reading; snow skiing, the beach, her kid’s activities, watching football, and she loves Texas Tech.

Dr. Michael Garey will soon be joining our Primary Care Clinic in Carlsbad. Kymera continues to actively recruit new physicians to the communities of Southeastern New Mexico in order to meet all the heath care needs of it’s residents.

Kymera Urgent Care has temporarily closed for restructuring into a same day appointment walk- in-clinic that will better meet the needs of those in our community. Our new walk- in-clinic will be available 7:30AM till 5:30PM giving the residents of our community the convenience of non-scheduled walk-in-services (to accommodate on-the-go lifestyles). Our clinic provides accessibility to home, school, or work, (resulting in a short drive time to our clinic) as well as affordability (lower out-of-pocket costs) than emergency rooms. Our new walk-in-clinic will focus on typical working families and individuals with active lives who place a premium on time and convenience and who see the patience experience and the quality of care as one in the same.

Kymera has recently added PET/CT to our list of radiology services. Positron Emission Tomography (PET/CT) scan images can provide important information about many conditions affecting the heart, brain, and other organs which help your doctor plan appropriate treatment for you. PET/CT is available on Tuesdays in Roswell, Wednesdays in Carlsbad, and on Thursdays in Hobbs.

Kymera wants you to be aware if you or a family member has been diagnosed with Arthritis, Immune Disorders, Blood Disorders, or Cancer, there is no need to travel for innovative, comprehensive, caring treatment. You can receive World -Class Care right here in Southeastern New Mexico, with Triple Board Certified Oncologists available for immediate appointments right here at home. Our Rheumatologist- Dr. Zain Abideen is seeing new patients in Roswell & Carlsbad. And as always Kymera has Family Practice and Internal Medicine Providers available for your health care needs.

Kymera Independent Physicians is located at 402 West Country Club Road and can be reached at (575)627-9500. Kymera Cancer Treatment Center is located at 407 West Country Club Road and can be reached at (575)627-9110. Kymera Urgent Care is located at 402 West Country Club and can be reached at (575)627-9595. Find Kymera on the web at:

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