Fundraiser earns nearly $1,000 for assault survivor

February 5, 2014 • Local News

The benefit to raise funds for the victim of a rape who was savagely beaten, stabbed and left for dead raised nearly $1,000.

The incident occurred on Jan. 4. The 40-year-old woman is a single mother with two children. She was attacked in her home early in the morning. When she went to get help from neighbors, they did not recognize her.

Recently, Nicole Vargas set up a cupcake stand for the “Victim of Pecan Street” outside of Peter Piper’s Pizza.

She praised people for [auth] their generosity.

“We had 300 cupcakes and we raised almost $1,000. One guy in a pickup stopped and gave us $100. We received $450 in checks and another $500 in cash. The money has been turned over to the family already,” she said.

The cupcakes that were for sale were donated by Lawrence Brothers, Farmers Country Market, Walmart and Hastings Bookstore.

Many churches also assisted, including Roswell Church of God, the Church of the Narrow Way, the Lay Ministry, Lyman and Carolyn Graham, and Mr. and Mrs. Rader.

The benefit for the “Victim of Pecan Street” also gathered other goods for the family, such as comforter and a new towel set.

“I can’t even see everything we collected,” Vargas explained.

The people of Roswell gathered outside the home to hold a candlelight vigil for her on Jan. 6. Neighbors and friends also helped the family move from their house since she could not work and could no longer afford to maintain it.

Vargas said she wanted to thank everyone who contributed. For more information on how to help, call 575-317-1336.

The suspect in the case, Kenneth Whiteside, 18, was arrested and charged with attempted murder and criminal sexual penetration. The District Attorney’s Office added new charges, on Wednesday, when Whiteside appeared in Magistrate Court for his preliminary hearing.

Whiteside now faces charges of first degree kidnapping, with a potential sentence of 18 years and and intimidation of a witness, carrying a possible sentence of three years.

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