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With Merry Maids you can ‘Relax, it’s done!’ Celebrating 21 years in Roswell!

February 4, 2014 • Local Business Review

For a growing num[auth] ber of families, a cleaning service is the answer to keeping a beautiful home while enjoying a busy, worry-free lifestyle. When you’re considering an investment like this, you want to know that your home will be cared for by your cleaning service just as well as you would care for it yourself.

You live a busy life with your job, the kids, to and from school, soccer practice, piano lessons, ballet, church, etc. Let Merry Maids take one big thing off your “to do” list.

No, they won’t take your kids to soccer practice, but they will take that huge chore of housecleaning off your hands. The dependable, professional Merry Maids staff will clean every room in your home just the way you want it. When they leave, your home will be clean and fresh-smelling, ready for you to relax in and enjoy.

Owned by Complete Home Services LLC, the staff will work with the schedule you and they agree on – and you don’t have to be home when the Merry Maids cleaners arrive.

Owned and operated by Larry Knadle for the previous twenty years, Merry Maids was purchased by the new owners Complete Home Services LLC and is now operated by Bill Davis, Brad Davis, and Riley Armstrong. Riley works as the managing partner in the business. The new owners are excited about the opportunity to own and operate the Merry Maids franchise. Their primary focus is to grow the business and maintain long term relationships with current and new customers.

Merry Maids Makes Cleaning A Breeze

Wouldn’t it be great if, after working all day, you could walk in your home and it would be spotlessly clean? Most homemakers have to clean during the evenings after work, or spend their weekends cleaning. But there is a better way: Merry Maids is a professional home cleaning business, represented in Roswell by franchise owner Complete Home Services, LLC.

Merry Maids is:

• Professional – Merry Maids carefully screens potential employees and checks references. Then they select the qualified applicants who enjoy cleaning. Merry Maids appreciates the trust you have in them by allowing them in your home, so they choose their employees with the same care you take in choosing a house cleaning service.

• Guaranteed quality – Merry Maids wants you to know your house will be cleaned just the way you like it.

And they will guarantee it – every time! If you are not completely satisfied, they’ll happily come back and reclean whatever it is in question at no additional charge. At Merry Maids, the job is only finished when you are completely satisfied.

• Dependable – Go ahead and schedule that party. Plan to have your relatives come to visit. You can count on Merry Maids to be there to clean your home as scheduled every time.

• Bonded and insured – Merry Maids employees are very careful with your belongings, but it’s nice to know you are protected against loss and breakage that may occur while they clean your home. And Merry Maids carries Worker’s Comp insurance on all their employees. When you entrust Merry Maids with your house key, they use a proven lock box system to safeguard the security of your home.

• Professionally trained – At Merry Maids, they take the time for a thorough training program. Each team mate is trained by an experienced supervisor in the techniques and quality standards of Merry Maids. Merry Maids uses the most complete video training library in the industry and work side-by-side with each trainee until they have mastered every skill necessary to provide the quality cleaning Merry Maids demands.

• Merry Maids handles all the paperwork and taxes – They pay Social Security and federal, state and local taxes. When you hire Merry Maids, they handle it all so you, the customer, don’t have to be concerned with tax forms and paperwork.

• All cleaning products and equipment are provided – you don’t have to remember all those expensive cleaners, scrub brushes and vacuum bags when you’re shopping. Your Merry Maids team carries everything they need.

You can be confident that their cleaning procedures are in compliance with OSHA regulations and that their products will clean your home effectively and safely.

Why choose Merry Maids?

Merry Maids was founded to assist two-income couples, busy singles and the elderly, with their housework. Merry Maids is successful because it fulfills two needs:

1 – It frees working women (and their husbands and kids, too) from the seemingly endless responsibility of keeping up a house.

2 – It helps people who are unable to do their own housework anymore – or choose not to.

Homes That Sparkle – From People Who Shine

How can Merry Maids be sure they’ll clean your house better than anyone else?

Easy, they hire the best people and give them the best training.

Merry Maids offers:

∆ Customized cleaning services to meet your particular needs and budget;

∆ Bonded and insured employees;

∆ Thoroughly screened, trained employees;

∆ They bring their own equipment and supplies; and

∆ The Merry Maids Quality Service Guarantee.

For customers on a regular schedule, Merry Maids ‘deep cleans’ one or two rooms on each visit.

Now is the time to schedule cleaning service with the largest professional maid service in the country: Merry Maids.

Merry Maids is larger than the next three professional cleaning services put together. Founded in 1979, Merry Maids is the largest home cleaning provider in the nation, providing customized residential cleaning services through over 1,350 franchises and branches in the United States.

Give Merry Maids The Mother-in-law Test

Call Merry Maids and they will give your house “a clean” even a mother-in-law could love.

The moment you walk in the door, you’ll know Merry Maids has been there. The carpets are groomed, the kitchen and bathrooms sparkle and there’s that distinctive fragrance that says, “It’s Merry Maids clean!” Merry Maids will meet all your expectations.

Merry Maids will come clean your home on a regular, or on a one-time, basis. There is no cost or obligation for an in-home visit.

For more information on residential cleaning, visit the Merry Maids web site at or call 1-800-MERRYMAIDS. Jerry McCormick works in the office as an office assistant. Irene Sanchez handles quality assurance. She will work with associates and home-owners to make sure everything goes as planned.

Call Jerry McCormick at 623-5000 to obtain the services of the Merry Maids cleaning professionals. If no one is there when you call, just leave a message, and Jerry will respond to you as quickly as possible.

Merry Maids really allows you to “Relax, it’s done!”

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