Madden uncertain about mill levy vote

February 4, 2014 • Local News

Eastern New Mexico University-Roswell’s president was confident he has support for today’s mill levy election but he remained uncertain if he will have the votes in the final hours before election day.

“We know that we have the majority of support of the residents of Chaves County,” said President John Madden. “The question is, will they vote?”

Madden, however, said he has faced strong opposition in the past few weeks over ENMU-R’s decision to ask county residents for the increase in property taxes to fund operating expenses. The tax would be indefinite.

He said the group was a type of “virulent strain” of an anti-tax group and unfortunately they were vocal.

“They [auth] are scum,” Madden said. “I think these people are anti-everything. And I’m angry. I go to meetings and I get booed. … It’s as if because they are bad people, they can do whatever they want.”

A failure of the mill levy could have an immediate negative impact, Madden said.

“The hard part for us will be Wednesday morning. It could be a really ugly day and I don’t think the community understands that,” Madden said.

The result could determine whether the college will continue to offer its vast array of programs. ENMU-R offers the highest percentage of complex courses (44 percent) of community colleges in the southern region of New Mexico.

Madden and his instructors have actively been in the classroom discussing the mill levy election with ENMU-R students, he confirmed Monday.

One English teacher, Annemarie Oldfield, used editorial cartoons to discuss with her students how she felt the media was biased against the school’s election and “how important information was being neglected and what sorts of scare tactics were being used.”

“We think the truth is important,” Madden said. “We are trying our utmost to spread the truth. Yes, our students ask questions because they don’t understand the misinformation in the community. (The liars) make me angry. They are liars and they’re damn liars.”

One of the new polling places, put in place with the Voting Convenience Center system, is located on the ENMU-R campus. The new voting system will be a first in the county. Registered voters will be able to vote at any of the 10 sites.

Chaves County Clerk Dave Kunko expects a significant voter turnout — up to 25 percent — for the special election. Early voters turned out in heavy numbers. More than 5 percent had voted by Friday.

ENMU-R is asking voters for an increase in property tax to fund its operations at current levels. If passed, the increase is expected to generate $2.1 million a year for the school.

For a homeowner of a $100,000 home, once the current building construction bond retires this year, the proposed mill levy would add $66.67 next year. The total paid to ENMU-R would be $96.57.

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5 Responses to Madden uncertain about mill levy vote

  1. pete49 says:

    So, Mr. Madden thinks if I’m against the EMNU tax levy, I’m “scum”? Well, Mr. Madden just cost EMNU a vote for the levy. I will not be subject to his verbal abuse or his liberal agenda. Mr. Madden, suck it up, and realize that times are hard right now and any tax levy needs to be thought out.

  2. bloodsweatntears says:

    Thank you for showing your true colors and how you really feel about us voters.

    What it sounds like you really need is a outside business/financial manager to help control your spending and just because something is new or shiny does not mean you need to have it. After all this is this is a TWO year college and most of the students cannot finish their degree at ENMU-R and have to move on to a new college to do so.

    How can you really justify this tax for a two year college?
    Have you done any other research other than fattening your pockets?
    You and your staff need to reevaluate your priorities to what the college needs instead of the I WANTs… After you have actually done this, I bet you would be able to find the misappropriated funds and not need this so called tax hike…..

    Or, maybe if you just told the truth that we have a negative population growth and you are trying to make up for the loss income..

    Doesn’t that sound better?

  3. coopdeville says:

    Dr.????? John Madden,
    You’ve made some unbelivabe statements in the Headline of the RDR Daily Record of 2-4-14 !!!!! First you label Us Property Tax Payers as a “variant strain” of an “anti-tax group”, and then You call Us “Scum” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well Mr. Big mouth, with no Common Sense, You are a common Idiot, narcissist “expletive removed”. !!!!!!!
    Let Me point out some Truth, 1. You are an “expletive removed” and an Idiot. 2. You don’t properly communicate with the common citizens of Roswell !!!!!!!!
    Again, You’ve Proven Your Self to be A Large “expletive removed” Hole!!!!!!!

  4. weed53 says:

    Mr. Madden. You have got to be kidding!! Your comments pushed me into the
    against column. You folks handled the whole thing wrong, assuming the voters
    did not need to know specifics. But we did.. If this is your brand of PR then I
    suggest you seek employment elsewhere, and soon. I’ll never vote for an increase
    as long as you sit in that chair.

  5. murphy says:

    Really, Mr. Madden? Really? Why in the world would ‘scum’ vote for anything you were proposing? Well, the SCUM spoke, live with it.

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