Review: Bold Hudgens but flat script in ‘Shelter’

January 22, 2014 • Entertainment

This image released by Roadside Attractions shows Vanessa Hudgens in a scene from “Gimme Shelter.” (AP Photo/Roadside Attractions)

If lofty intentions, determination and hard work were all it took to make a successful movie, then “Gimme Shelter,” a film about teen pregnancy starring former Disney star Vanessa Hudgens, would have it made.

Both the actress, who gained weight and made herself strikingly ungainly for the role, and director-writer Ronald Krauss clearly put their all into this film. Krauss went so far as to spend a year at a shelter for pregnant homeless teens; this was a passion project.

But passion isn’t always enough. “Gimme Shelter” suffers from stilted dialogue, less than crackling storytelling and vaguely drawn characters. Yes, there are moving moments that will have you shedding a tear. But at times it has all the narrative sophistication and subtlety of a public service ad (and let’s face it, those can make you cry, too.)

First things first: The title has nothing to do with the Rolling Stones. It Login to read more

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