Public Records: 01-23-14

January 22, 2014 • Public Record

Marriage Licenses

Nov. 15

Deqwan A. Samora, 24, and Jolissa D. Sprague, 20, both of Artesia.

Nov. 18

Robert J. Paz, 26, and Leilani Jimenez, 23, both of Roswell.

Raul E. Zuniga, 30, and Vanessa M. Reyes, 35, both of Roswell.

William E. Swann, 31, and Julia S. Robles, 19, both of Roswell.

Nov. 19

Eric Sanchez, 22, and Brandy R. Knight, 22, both of Roswell.

Nov. 20

Jose L. Vera-Paz, 28, and Daniela Banuelos, 19, both of Roswell.

Nov. 25

Ricardo Lara-Rodriguez, 37, and Armida Enriquez, 42, both of Roswell.

Christopher M. Juarez, 20, and Lisa Michelle Conner, 18, both of Dexter.

Thomas Skeets Ponder, 24, and Paige E. Valentine, 23, both of Portales.

Harold G. Allison Jr., 32, and Elizabeth Ann Borunda, 39, both of Ogden, UT.

Nov. 27

Abdiel Delgado, 18, of Roswell, and Ruth Hernandez, 16, of Farmington.

George John Boykin Jr., 45, and Theresa M. Soliz, 42, both of Roswell.

Dec. 2

Angel Zambrano, 23, and Courtney M. Young, 23, of Dexter.

James D. Griffin, 58, and Donna L. Klopp, 63, both of Roswell.

Johnny R. Royalty, 39, and Cheyenne May Genest, 19, both of Ruidoso Downs.

Dec. 3

David Ray Pagel, 61, and Maria Teresita Del Nino Jesus Garcia Marmolejo, 51, both of Roswell.

Jerry R. Juarez, 27, and Sondra Rosio Hernandez, 23, both of Artesia.

Dec. 4

Gilbert Joshua Munoz, 27, and Lilia V. Reyes, 24, both of Roswell.

Reyes Garcia, 24, and Alejandra Martinez, 23, both of Roswell.

Ramon Juarez, 60, and Donna D. Showers, 51, both of Hagerman.

Dec. 5

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