Sanders’ father: ‘The responsibility is ours’

January 21, 2014 • Local News

The family of Kendal Sanders held a press conference Monday afternoon at Church on the Move, giving an update on her condition. Kendal is the 13-year-old victim of last week’s Berrendo Middle School shooting. She is one of three who were injured when another student opened fire inside the school’s gymnasium.

Father Bert Sanders revealed that she had not even been aware that she had been shot until she reached the classroom. Kendal has already returned home from Lubbock on a jet.

Mother Nickie Sanders described the long road to recovery. She reported that Kendal lost some movement and use of her right arm, but this was expected to be only temporary.

Bert said that people need to stop trying to find someone to blame. “Not Mason (Campbell). Not the teachers. Not the schools. The responsibility is ours. We as parents need to be more involved.”

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