Business owner Green sees growth potential for Roswell

January 21, 2014 • Local News

Businessman Joe Green is running [auth] for City Council in Ward 3 against incumbent Councilman Art Sandoval. (Jill McLaughlin Photo)

Small-business owner Joe Green decided he wanted to make a difference in Roswell during what he felt was a critical time for the city. Green filed this month to run for City Council in Ward 3 against incumbent Councilor Art Sandoval.

“I just feel there’s a great potential here in Roswell,” Green said. “I want to help make this community all it can be for the residents, for visitors and for future generations. I didn’t want to look back years from now, knowing that I could have made a difference at such a critical time, instead of standing by and letting others decide the future of Roswell’s economics and the quality of life for the community.”

Green has been a business owner for 16 years and owns Enchantment Pest Control. He deals with different people every day in different situations, he said.

Many people have expressed to him different needs of the city and the community, he said.

“My main focus is to listen to the community and get their feedback on what needs to be accomplished in Roswell in order for it to grow,” Green said.

Green was born and raised in Roswell. He graduated from Roswell High School in 1987 and earned a degree at Eastern New Mexico University-Roswell. He and his wife, Sooky, have three children: a daughter, 20, and two sons, 16 and 14.

“I’ve seen good and bad times here,” Green said. “There’s been a lot better times. We’re just not growing. We need to grow. You have other communities around us — Hobbs, Carlsbad, Artesia, Clovis — all of those communities are thriving much more than what we should be.

“At one time, we were the third largest in New Mexico. We need to have something here for the children, so they can stay and have something to be proud of.”

If elected, Green would focus on improving safety and trust in the community, and creating economic growth for small and large businesses. He said he felt strengthening infrastructure and fiscal sensibility was important for businesses.

“We as a community haven’t made our infrastructure strong enough,” Green said. “I feel we can be a better city and that we can attract business here. We already have businesses that have been here, but they’ve left. We need something better here for when people graduate. We also need a greater support for our businesses that are here, for the ones that are here and the future ones to come.”

Green also said he felt the city and county needed to work together to unite the community.

“We always need to expand, that’s part of growing,” he said. “We need to somehow bring the county and city together, maybe one day in the future. I really think we do. We need to bring the whole community together. And I believe we are going to come together. I want to see us all together. We have to, in order for us to grow, and the residents as well.”

Green said he will be working to go door to door in the next few weeks. His campaign manager, Lola Whitfield, and he will be running a campaign to get his message out. To reach his campaign, call 625-1368.

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  1. Cruzie says:

    The Cities he spoke of do well because of the OIL INDUSTRY. I’ve known this man my entire life but would not give him my vote. I just dont like the way he thinks…

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