Manning: A girl with a guitar and a dream

January 18, 2014 • Local News

Marie Manning

One guitar. One voice. And a whole slew of opportunities.

That is probably how Marie Manning would sum up her life. She’s proof that utilizing your talents can really pan out.

It all started with her mom and an old guitar.

Manning’s mom used to perform in Fort Worth. As it sometimes happens, though, life responsibilities eclipsed the music, and the guitar was all but forgotten.

Until Manning picked it up.

“It was this rinky-dink guitar I would always mess around with,” Manning smiled. Even with a string or two missing, she tried to make the old instrument sing.

The guitar received a true second chance when Manning’s fourth-grade teacher agreed to give her lessons, often times free of charge to help Manning’s mom — a single parent.

“She would even make me dinner sometimes,” Manning said. She is still in contact with the teacher that ultimately changed her life.

At 16, Manning wrote her first song: “Perversion of Nature.”

At the time, her mom was going through a lot of health issues, so her sister, who is four years older, Login to read more

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